Coopercatz Ragdoll Cattery
Shari Cooper, 338 Bookman Mill Road, Irmo, SC 29063


CONTRACT DATE:         for BREED:  Ragdoll


SIRE:            DAM:

1. PURCHASE PRICE: $_______

2. This agreement is made for the mutual protection and satisfaction of: _________ thereafter called BUYER, and COOPERCATZ owner SHARI COOPER, hereafter called SELLER.

3. The above described cat/kitten is free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and is in sound body, good health and free of communicable diseases as far as the SELLER is capable of knowing.

4. The cat/kitten was vaccinated: _________ with 3-in-1 vaccine and wormed: _______ and freshly bathed prior to delivery by SELLER. The cat/kitten received a Veterinary checkup by Friarsgate Animal Hospital on: _______ and was found healthy. Also, the parents of the cat/kitten are guaranteed Feline Leukemia and AIDS negative and test HCM negative.

5. SELLER offers a Three Day (from date of delivery) genetic health and FIP replacement guarantee on cat/kitten for any communicable disease attributed to Coopercatz Cattery by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Also a Two Year (from birth of cat/kitten) Genetic health and FIP replacement guarantee is offered. Any claim must be presented in writing to SELLER and is subject to review, along with examination of cat/kitten, by Veterinarian of SELLERS choice. Should the Veterinarians find any health problem meeting above listed requirements, the SELLER will promptly refund BUYER in full the purchase price of the cat/kitten or replace the cat/kitten at SELLER'S discretion.

Above listed guarantees are considered nullified unless BUYER takes the above described cat/kitten to a graduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine within (3) days of delivery to confirm health and well-being.

6. BUYER agrees to assume full responsibility of the cat/kitten from the date of delivery to the BUYER. All future care, medical expenses, or other expenses will be the sole responsibility of the BUYER including any shipping charges.

7. Both BUYER and SELLER agree this is the entire agreement between BUYER and SELLER.


Date of Delivery: ____________

Buyer's Address

City, State & Zip

Phone No.________________________

Acceptance & Signature of SELLER
338 Bookman Mill Rd., Irmo, SC 29063